Coupling with position adjustment reinforced coupling with position adjustment (for potatto planters up to 4500 kg)

Reinforced coupling with position adjustment and with track eradicator tines of the deep loosener type (for potato planters up to 4.500 kg)

The more recent potato planters can bear the weight of the soil working tool. This coupling makes it possible to adjust the working depth of the power harrow by using the upper adjustment position. The potato planter thus works 'as a roller', which provides nice regular soil tillage.

Note: it's also possible to use this coupling in a "loose" way.


Description :

  • The distance between the track eradicator tines can be adjusted to the tractor track
  • Hydraulically adjustment of the depth of the track eradicator tines
  • Only a distance of 85 centimetres between the mounting axes
  • The length can be adjusted in 3 positions
  • The 3 point top link is included
  • Only for Maschio power harrows
  • Standard equipment: Maschio DM 3000 power harrow, full chassis, 2 track eradicator tines (the same tines as for the LSM deep loosener) with hydraulically adjustment of their working depth and flanges for the adjustment of the width between them